Born in Orange, Texas in 1953, Lawrence “Gumbo” Morrow, was founder and publisher of Gumbeaux Magazine, a publication that celebrates Southwest Louisiana’s diverse culture and it’s strong heritage. His roots come from a family who never let adversity get them down.  He has been faithfully publishing community news in Lake Charles for 27 years.

He died today, May 13, 2013, after a long battle with liver disease. His family and staff will continue publishing Gumbeaux Magazine. To be a part of a special tribute issue, call (337) 513-0809. Feel free to leave your comments and condolences below.



05/13/2013 10:41pm

I have been a guest writer for Gumbeaux Magazine since August 2008. When I met Mr. Morrow, recognized him as a visionary. He was a man who stood for living right, doing right, being right. His heartbeat was for the underdog, and he was the voice for those for whom he felt injustices had been done. He was a forerunner, the one who made things happen, not watched what happened. We talked many times during the last 2 years while he was going thru his health challenge. He never complained, told me there was too much to be done. He has just transitioned to a place where he can rest and has passed the baton to the rest of those of us who knew and loved him so that we can continue to fight for what is right. RIP Mr. Morrow.

05/13/2013 10:44pm

I say goodbye to a fellow American. It is a sad passing that this man, whom recognized the importance of a voice and the freedom of the land that he brought a community together.
I was amazed one morning at a grocery store at 6:00 A.M. that the man delivering the papers was the same man putting it all together.
As an Old Newsboy myself, I immediately gained respect for a man with a voice.
All I delivered was someone else's.
Rest well Lawrence.

Zenobia Reed
05/13/2013 10:47pm

Wow. Mr. Gumbo was one of a kind. We will miss him.

Kevin Spain Jr.
05/14/2013 9:18am

Mr Morrow was an oustanding black man, an example, a community uplifter....real good dude....salute!

Marshall Simien
05/14/2013 9:23am

Heaven has a little more flavor. I remember the day after Hurricane Rita hit, I came up on Lawrence in front of his office. His leg was all bit up. He said some dogs got after him. He wanted a grant to keep publishing because the storm had destroyed his equipment. I called him to see how he was doing. He said he was in Houston and the doctor said he was going to lose his leg. Next time I spoke with him he said he was in San Diego and the doctor said he could keep his leg. He still has his leg. Lawrence had a lot of energy and drive guided by a soulful spirit. We all have to take a rest. An important voice for our community is now at the ultimate pulpit! Well done ... my Brother! I'll see you again on the other side.

Mary Stevens
05/14/2013 10:44am

I met Lawrence when I worked at KVHP Fox 29. He was a client that quickly became a friend. I remember the day he opened his building and i went by to get a tour. He was so proud and I saw it in his eyes. Lawrence never gave up on anything he wanted to accomplish as a professional business man. I will remember him most for his warm smile and his kind heart. Oh and when he called me would say "Hey Girlfriend"... I will miss you Lawrence. I know that you are an angel in heaven.

05/14/2013 11:44am

Me and Lawrence have always had a good relationship. I met Gumbo, in my early years of radio back in the early 90's. From station to station (KZWA, KVEE, KJMH) we've always did business or been a part of something he was trying to do. He was a strong willed person, that never bit his tongue and that's one of the things that I will miss most about him. I will miss him, however I will always have good memories of him as well. My deepest condolences to his family.

05/14/2013 12:34pm

Mr. Ivory J. Payne and the staff of The Baton Rouge Weekly Press newspaper wish to express their deepest sympathy to the Family of Mr. Lawrence "Gumbo" Morrow for their loss. We will continue to pray for the Family and the Business to continue on God's path.
Bishop Ivory J. Payne, pastor of the New Birth Full Gospel Baptist Church wishes their dearest sympathy to the Morrow Family and we are praying for comfort and strength in your time of sorrow. If we can be of service please contact us at 225-775-2002 or by e-mail at: www.theweeklypress@yahoo.com.

Yvonne Marie
05/14/2013 2:38pm

I met Mr. Morrow in 2006 while working at the Oasis Women Shelter. I met with him and ask if he would allow me to write articles in his paper so I could inform our community about domestic violence and the services this agency could provide for women in abusive relationships. He not only allowed me to write and use his newspaper as a vechicle for awareness, but he also interviewed me on his television show several times because he wanted to do his part in helping put an end to domestic violence too. A true Godsend.

When I told him I was also a gospel singer/songwriter, he invited me to use his studio to shoot some of my videos. He was very supportive and believed in my gift. I am so blessed to have met such an amazing person who truly cared about the people in our community.

This is a sad day for the city of Lake Charles and it's people. Mr. Morrow, you were the heartbeat of our community. You were passionate about making a difference through education, awareness and finding solutions to the problems that affected our community. I am grateful to have met you, worked with you on events and your support to my ministry throughout the years. Your departure is difficult to process because selfishly, we want you here. But you have taught us well, and we shall pick up the torch so that all your hard work wont be in vain. May God bless your family and give them strength and may you rest in the peace and arms of our Lord.

Judy Malveaux
05/14/2013 5:35pm

I enjoyed reading Mr. Morrow articles. He was a great leader in the community and wrote about many different topics. He got down to the facts leading to injustice or unfair practices. He will be greatly miss by everyone he touched. RIP Mr. Morrow and may God comfort your family as you enter your eternal home.

alex morrow jr.brother of lawrence
05/14/2013 8:50pm

Thanks for all the kind words,Lawrence like you all said was gift to us all.I had a chance to pray with him and Mr. Lanny Roy on Sunday

Eva Ceaser Cotton
05/14/2013 9:55pm

RIP Lawrence "Tanchy" Morrow. Yes, he was Tanchy before he was Mr. Gumbo. I was sad to hear of his passing.Our history runs deep. We grew up in the same neighborhood, attended the same schools & his mother and my mother were BFF's before the we knew what BFF was. Have been praying for Ms. Cora. Mr. Gumbo loved helping people. When he found out I was writing a book, the first thing he told me was to contact him when it was complete so that he could put it in the magazine. We had many conversations throughout the duration of his health challenge and he fought a good fight! Family be strong, God will get you through this, He will not leave you or forsake you, trust that.

Marie Hurt
05/14/2013 10:10pm

I first met Lawrence over 14 years ago at my first ACORN Housing and Community Fair ~ and he stuck by us all the way from ACORN to A Community Voice. Lanny Roy introduced me to this great man and a true pioneer in the publishing world. I have emailed many stories to him for Lanny over the years and always looked forward to seeing and working with him in Lake Charles. No one in the publishing world was a bigger supporter of social justice than Mr. "Gumbo". He was never afraid to print the truth. I will miss him very much.

05/15/2013 12:50am

Lawrence was the only person who helped me in my comedy career and just recently wanted to book me for his event.We have a history of mutual respect for one another and he always had the intestinal fortitude to tell people how he felt.We had our differences but we overcame them and remained the best of friends.Although he wall I'll he said to me "let's help the kids and the elderly." What I will never forget about Lawrence is his love for his family and the rights of the folks who didn't even know they had rights.Rest in peace Gumbeaux,Thanks for being a true friend.

Tina Richard
05/15/2013 1:01am

What a truely remarkable person to have met. He and I only met once, but his words were wisdom. His passing comes a shock, but I am glad that I had a chance to meet him in person. To the family, my prayers go out to you all. May God continue to bless you all.

T Lee Horne III
05/15/2013 5:21am

We first met at an NAACP convention. He was quite the gentleman. Conversations with him were always enlightening. I will miss his perspective and knowledge.

Braylin Jenkins
05/15/2013 9:45am

With life comes death and many times it can be so difficult to accept. Many of the wise community leaders and visionaries that I looked to for wisdom and encouragement are leaving this earth much sooner than I ever imagined and are going to a much better place. I remember seeing Mr. Lawrence Morrow at public events growing up and learning of all he had accomplished to better the community and his continuing efforts to better our area. As I grew older and began asking him to share his wisdom with me, each moment was cherished. I feel truly honored to have known Mr. Morrow and I pray his legacy lives on for generations to come. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and our community. Thank you Mr. Morrow for all you contributed to the Southwest Louisiana region.

05/15/2013 1:31pm

and I Lawrence and I were closer than brothers, he was my good friend. We just got together last Sunday night and we held hands and prayed together. Lawrence with his two brothers and his uncle prayed together. No matter how poorly Lawrence felt, he was there for me.
We have been together about 30 years since he first came to me and told me how he liked the work that we did with ACORN, that he wanted to write about it. That's how he started the magazine.
All of us appreciate the years he was with us and supported and worked along with us, particularly for the community work of ACORN and A Community Voice.
Our deepest condolences to the family. We are praying for him to have a good going away home. I personally am so sorry that I can't make it for the funeral because I am in the hospital myself. Lawrence will be very well missed, not only in our community but in the entire nation. We hope that his legacy is carried on with his magazine because it is a vital organ for the community.
Our love and our prayers go with the Morrow family. Our well loved Lawrence Gumbo will be deeply missed.
Lanny Roy
A Community Voice

Bobbie L. Celestine
05/16/2013 2:56am

I have been a writer with Gumbeaux few days after it went to print. Lawrence and I always focused on stories that were most important to the community. We worked Washington, Rideau, and so many more. I am going to miss Lawrence. It was one of my best friends. I miss you friend.

05/16/2013 11:12am

I know words aren't much comfort at a time like this. But I must tell you how saddened we are by the news of the death of "Gumbo", and how deeply we feel for you in your sorrow. It was a privilege to have known and work with him; and his loss will be felt by many, for a long time especially throughout the African American publishing community. Management and staff, The Drum. Eddie Ponds/Publisher

05/16/2013 8:52pm

Thanks for the memories .You fought a good fight and ran a great race but, .now its time for your legercy to carry on.

05/18/2013 12:50am

All week long i have tossed and turned as i try to find peace over the loss of gumbo he had plans for us to do a concert on may 25 2013 when i asked him was he sure he said yes man you just make sure you be ready to turn lake charles out when i asked him about his sickness he would say MAN DONT WORRY! i met gumbo over 15 years ago and he was always that way inspirational and a man with vision who was always more concerned with being a blessing to others i would like to say to his family and fellow friends BE ENCOURAGED i spoke with him once or twice a day almost for the last 2-3 weeks before his passing and never in a million years thought he would be gone so soon i am still stunned and shocked but i know that god is in control and that gumbo is and has always been in good hands he will be missed.....much love and respect to his family

05/18/2013 9:30am

Thank you for the blessing Lawrence was so excited about you coming to lake Charles.I hope you can still have your concert and sing a song for gumbo

Patrick Chabeda
07/16/2013 12:27pm

Gumbo was a special man. We became fast buddies during the two years I spent in Lake Charles from 1999-2001. Even though we did not jeep in touch, Ive always thought about those days since my return to Africa in 2006. Just happened to be enhoying a jazz night at a local club here when I thought to google Morrow only to be met with this tragic news. RIPSpecial One :-)

alex morrow
10/30/2013 7:55pm

Please keep gumbeaux message updated.he created the web before anyone in this area with his music and news.OK we do not have the paper news but if you have news use this created box until we get this stuff together

10/30/2013 8:22pm

I will never forget Lawrence Morrow and the contributions he made to his community and his fellowman. If the opportunity arises again that the paper is revived, I will be honored to be a part of keeping it alive as a contributing guest writer. Keep me posted.


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